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Investigation and analysis of pallet industry in China

April.30,2021Inorder Stotage Equipment

1. The reliability of the plastic pallet structure is much higher than that of the wooden pallet, which reduces the damage and consumption of the pallet. Under normal use conditions, the service life is more than 2 years, and there is no repair rate, which is incomparable with the wooden pallet which is always damaged and needs to be repaired with special tools. According to statistics, no matter how good the quality of wooden pallet is, it needs to be returned for repair at least once after being used for three times on average, and the cost of each repair is not less than 3 US dollars, equivalent to 19.29 yuan.

2. Wooden pallet is often broken in the process of transportation, while the pallet made of plastic is very durable, not easy to break and has no repair rate. That is, after dozens of times of use, all of them are damaged, and the plastic tray can be made into a new type of plastic tray for repeated recycling.

3. Plastic pallets have stronger adaptability in special commodity markets, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, salt and chemical industry. According to the requirements of different factories, plastic pallets can be made into various colors, with corresponding company logos and marks.

4. When the weight of plastic pallet is equal to that of wood pallet, the carrying capacity is five times of that of wood pallet, which greatly improves the carrying capacity of pallet and reduces the usage of pallet, greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the cost.

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